I am searching the good mobile for me. I have collected more reviews and thoughts from the people. My friends are given some of suggestions for buying that. I am getting some confusion for buying Android mobile. Which is best for using long? I need the strong and quality mobile and getting good memory capacity also. I do not need more application to download. I am using only calls, messages, chatting that all and sometime watching movie in my free time. If you have any suggestion and can you get any new mobile? If you have experience in buying the mobile is different company means tell me that here.

And also i need to know the duplicate copy for my pan card. I was missed the original copy of pan card. I need to get duplicate for buying mobile with sim card. How to get that? I have asked the experts for getting the duplicate pan card But not response get from that. I need the proper approach and good ideas for collecting my duplicate pan card. How to search the duplicate pan card application online? I am getting login details for open my pan card application for making any changes. I need the possible ways and ideas for buying the new phone.

I am getting some news and information from online advisors. My friend sharing the pan card related information and other types of important documents in online. I have some experience in buying best parts for phone. But i am new for buying new mobile and using my duplicate pan card. My pan card details are searching in online. It is really nice and supporting ideas are given for the applicants. I am using more details are useful tips from that website. Please tell me the possible way for download the duplicate pan card

Mitesh Bhavsar Answered on 27 Dec, 2018

Hello.. Please have look to this link Apply for a duplicate pan card. May this will help you to apply for duplicate/reprint of your pan card.