As a android developer you all know that, to run or debug android application on mobile phone we need to connect our mobile device with pc using cable. Which is little bit annoying when continuously running app on mobile phone. So, here is some easy and simple steps you have to follow to get out of this.

This blog will explain how to connect android studio with mobile device using wifi and to run or debug app using wifi withour cable. So, No more cable is required.

Step 1: Connect the mobile on same on same Wi-Fi as your laptop or computer is.

Step 2: Open Command prompt and type adb command. If the command is working then skip to step 8.

Step 3: Copy path of sdk\platform-tools folder you can find this on C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools or C:\android\sdk\platform-tools or the location you chose on the time of installation. In my case it’s here C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools.

Step 4: Right click on This PC. Then open Advanced system Settings>Environment Variables.

Step 5: Click on Path.

Step 6: Click on Edit.

Step 7: Then click on New and paste the copied path. Then click OK to set the environment variable.

Step 8: Now, connect your android device via USB. Reopen command prompt and type command adb tcpip 5555. You can write any open port, but for now leave it with 5555. So, basically this step will change the port to port 5555 and will be used for installing application on Android Device.

Step 9: Now open your Android Device and go to Setting>About Phone>Status and remember the IP Address it is showing.

Step 10: Open command prompt and type command adb connect @IPAddressOfPhone@. In my case adb connect

Now your Android Device is connected to Android Debug Bundle (adb) via Wi-Fi, but still one more step to go before unplug the USB cable. Open Android Studio and click on run. Here you will see two devices with the same name in which one is through USB which will be at the second in most cases, and the other is with the IP Address is the device that we’ve connected through command prompt. So select the device with IP Address and run with it once and then unplug the USB cable. Now you’re good to go.